Louisiana Baptists are thankful for every group and individual willing to serve during this unprecedented flooding event in Louisiana. Our desire is to make the volunteering/training process simple through the five steps found below.

Please Note:
Meals are not provided for those coming to serve. Plan to be self-sufficient. Each individual group is responsible for providing their own meals. Local restaurants are open.  You will be a blessing to the local community and small business owners who are struggling to keep their businesses open when you eat at local restaurants and visit local shops.

Step 1: Connecting with the Louisiana Flood Response

Complete the form below for your team. This information will allow one of our Area Coordinators to assist you with housing and a location to serve.

https://SBDR.formstack.com/forms/js.php/volunteer<a href=”https://SBDR.formstack.com/forms/volunteer” title=”Online Form”>Online Form – Volunteer Notification</a>

If you have returned to this page, AND have received a confirmation email, you DO NOT need to resubmit the form. Please continue below, starting with Step 2.

Step 2: Complete Personal Information Forms

When you submit the form above you will receive an email to the address you provided. Please forward the email to all team members. It contains a link to the online personal information form. Each team member must complete the form before you leave home. Please, encourage every team member to complete it as soon as possible. If someone does not have internet access or does not have the ability to complete the form, have someone from your group do this for the individual.

Step 3: Prepare Your Team to Serve Louisiana

Have each team member watch the 30 minute video below. You can do this as a group or as individuals. It is vitally important to watch the video for your safety and the protection of the homeowners with whom you will work.

Other ways to prepare:
1. Gather to pray for your team’s safety and the people you will serve.
2. Pray for opportunities to witness on the trip and while you work in Louisiana.
3. Make your meal plans. Meals are not guaranteed.
4. Gather tools and supplies. The chemical for mold remediation is in short supply. See if your local retailers have Shockwave for Mold.
5. Take a trip to your local Thrift Store to pick up clothes to throw away. You do not want to return home with the toxic articles of clothing.
6. Procure rubber boots and gloves for your team members. Hard hats are not required.
7. Other items are found in the documents referenced below.

Safari users: Hold down the Alt button when clicking to download the video.

[easy_media_download url=”https://louisianabaptists.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Disaster-Relief-Mud-Out-Training-2012-SD.mp4″ text=”Download Video” color=”grey_light” force_dl=”1″]

Step 4:

Download, print, and distribute these documents to all team members. It is beneficial to go over these documents as a group.

Step 5:

Download, print, and distribute these additional documents to prepare your team to serve with excellence. Read them thoroughly before arriving.