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The Ukraine Needs Prayer

Ukraine prayer bands are available. Effectively, they can help you to remember to pray for those affected by war. For this reason we are offering you the chance to pray with us. Will you pray for peace?

A Wearable Reminder

If so, Pray for Peace in Ukraine prayer bands are here. Each packet contains a prayer band and a prayer card. They will help guide you as you pray.

Order Your Bands

Therefore, we are encouraging churches to order prayer bands for your members. To do so, use the order form below to do so.

Additionally, there is a maximum of 50 bands per church because supplies are limited.

Mailing Address(Required)
Limit 50 per church, while supplies last.
Please enter a number from 1 to 50.

More than Ukraine Prayer Bands

Lastly, check out the links below to know more about the crisis. They offer a glimpse at what the church is doing to help. God’s people are at work.

Above all, the first step in helping those in need is prayer. We praise the Lord for your participation. Again, thank you for praying for the people affected by this war.