Traction: Living in Sync with God

Traction: Living in Sync with God offers an opportunity for people to make significant progress in their journey with the Lord! When a church decides to participate in the Traction: Living in Sync with God emphasis, members will be given the opportunity to remember, respond, return, and rejoice by realigning life with the Lord.

This Leader Preparation Guide will help you make significant traction in your church during the four-week emphasis. Traction will help church members:

Understand that God Offers Spiritual Traction:

  • When We Remember Him
  • When We Respond in Faithfulness
  • When We Return to Blessedness
  • When We Rejoice in Him

This amazing free resource is available to every church or pastor.

Request a copy by contacting and 318-448-3402 or 800-622-6549 (La only).

This resource package includes the Traction DVD, PowerPoint overview, resource guide, leader preparation guide, graded Sunday School lessons, drama sketches and much more!