Three things you should know when you share the gospel

Why is it so hard to have a conversation with a lost person about the gospel? Honestly, it’s never easy. Please know this, God wants you to tell others your story. He wants others to hear how He changed your life so that they can know how to experience that same kind of relationship with Almighty God. Let’s take a look at some of the dynamics at work when we share the gospel.

There is a Spiritual Battle – In the spiritual realm, there is a battle raging for the soul of mankind. Satan wants to keep as many souls as possible out of heaven. At the same time, God continues to direct our lives into divine encounters that draws others to himself in an eternal relationship with Him. We may not see the battle that rages for the souls of those we encounter; but know it is always there. (Ephesians 6:12)

It’s your words, but God’s message – We get hung up on saying the “right” thing, knowing the “right” words. While you are debating the words to use, God is already at work in your heart and mind. While you are talking, God is at work in the heart and mind of the person you are sharing with. Trust me, they are hearing the gospel even if our words are not as “perfect” as we would like them to be. Don’t misunderstand me, attending classes and training seminars on how to share your faith are important. Do what you can to improve your witness. Just don’t overlook the work that the Spirit of God is doing in our lives and in the lives of those we share with.

Just Share – I have had the privilege of training lots of people in sharing their faith. On every visit, I encourage those with me to take a leap of faith and just try. I am always there to bail them out if needed. However, in all of these years, I have never had to. When it is all over, I almost always hear these words, “thanks for giving me the opportunity to share”.

You need someone to go with you? Get someone. You need to practice? Find someone. You want to learn how to share your faith? Just do it!