Three Significant Numbers for Louisiana Baptists

Three Significant Numbers for Louisiana Baptists

Jaromir Jagr is one of the greatest hockey players of all time. He always wore the number 68 in remembrance of his late grandfather. His grandfather, also named Jaromir Jagr, was killed in the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia during the Spring Rebellion in 1968. Though young Jaromir was not born until 1972, his grandmother told him of his late grandfather’s bravery, courage, and willingness to die for freedom.  The hockey playing Jaromir Jagr has always worn the number 68 as motivation and a reminder of his grandfather’s heroism in 1968.

So, who or what is your 68? Who is it that drives your passion and motivates you? Everyone has a number 68.

Every church has a number 68.

So, I have been guided by several numbers in my first four months as Executive Director for Louisiana Baptists.


This is the population of Louisiana. Every single one of these is precious in God’s sight. Every single person represents someone loved by God. Every single one needs to be evangelized and made disciples. EVERY ONE!


This is the number of identifiable municipalities in Louisiana with a population greater than 3,000 where there is no Southern Baptist church.

We will not rest until we have a church in every one of these 33 places. Perhaps God wants your church to be responsible for planting a church in one of these places.


Who is your one? If all of us would intentionally focus on one, what a difference we could make? If every Louisiana Baptist would catch the vision of “one” what a difference we could make?

What’s your number?