Thanksgiving to God- A Responsive Reading

Here’s an easy, creative responsive reading/prayer you can use this Sunday to thank God together!

Leader: In times of trial and grief,

Congregation: You remained faithful to us.

Leader: In times of heartbreak and uncertainty,

Congregation: You were the fortress we ran to.

Leader: Some of us have fought cancer and illness.

Congregation: Your hands guided us. You are the Good Shepherd.

Leader: When our children were born,

Congregation: You rejoiced with us.

Leader: In those times we needed wisdom,

Congregation: Your Holy Spirit renewed our mind.

Leader: When discouragement and responsibilities weighed heavy on our hearts and weary bodies,

Congregation: You lifted the burdens and placed them upon Your strong shoulders.

Leader: Our gifts seem so insignificant, our words so frail, when we seek to bring Thanksgiving.

Congregation: But hear our hearts, O Lord. We thank You. We love You. We praise Your Holy Name.