Thank You!

I enjoy receiving thank you notes. God uses these unexpected words of appreciation to bless and encourage me.

With that in mind, allow me to say, “Thank you!” on behalf of those you’ve blessed through your faithful giving through the Cooperative Program.

  • On behalf of the church planter who stepped out on faith and sacrificed to follow God’s call to start a new work, thank you.
  • On behalf of the college student who is enjoying Christian fellowship, discipleship and encouragement through one of the 28 BCM’s across the state, thank you.
  • On behalf of the pastor and his family who are receiving godly Christian counsel to help them through a rough season in their lives, thank you.
  • On behalf the Sunday School teachers/leaders who received training to help them use their spiritual gift to build their local church, thank you.
  • On behalf of the thousands of students who heard the Gospel and were challenged to be salt and light on their school campuses during YEC, thank you.
  • On behalf of the non-churched person who had the truth of God’s word seeded in their heart and home through our Here for You media outreach, thank you.
  • On behalf of the special needs families who attended the first-ever special needs camp in the state and, for the first time, felt like they belonged, thank you.

Time, nor space, permit me to say, “Thank you!” from everyone you’ve touched – but isn’t that the idea of the Cooperative Program – to combine our prayers and our resources to accomplish what cannot be accomplished otherwise?

Thank you for giving and reaching beyond your walls for the sake of the Gospel.