The Super Bowl Faith Fleaflicker

Larry is a classic introvert. He’d rather sit through a three-hour timeshare sales pitch than strike up a conversation about eternity on the fly. But he’d been praying for months about Daryl, an associate at the firm. He knew Daryl wasn’t a believer, and he felt compelled to reach out and invite him.

“Go to church?” Daryl responded when Larry invited him to a men’s Bible study, “I’d rather watch paint dry.”

It was obvious that Larry’s associate wasn’t interested in church. He had recently gone through a divorce and was starting over at 35. Larry felt completely blown off by the sudden shutdown. The whole thing hurt his pride but eased his conscience. At least he tried.

A couple of weeks later at a company Super Bowl Party, Larry had completely recovered from his seeming failure. Larry told it this way:

In the third quarter, the game cut away for the usual Madison Avenue Super Bowl Commercials and, unlike most games, everybody quieted down and tuned in because, as everybody knows, these commercials are almost as entertaining as the game. Then it happened. A simple 30 second spot showing a disconnected man being invited by his granddaughter to church. The commercial ended with the words, “Louisiana Baptists, We’re here for you.” A couple of days later Daryl popped in my office to ask for directions to the Bible study. It was like God tossed the ball to me when I least expected it. It was like a faith Flea-Flicker.

Stories like this happen because of your generous gifts to the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering.

It’s easy to wonder about how money we give to charities is used but you can be sure that the money you give to this offering makes a huge difference. How huge?

It helped us through one of the most difficult seasons of disaster Louisiana has experienced. And even in the midst of sorrow we saw:

  • 15 Professions of Faith
  • 72 Gospel Presentations
  • 1,302 Total Contact

You also helped fund new church plants so that new pastors could plant seeds in underserved areas of Louisiana. Those seeds bore fruit!

In 2017 New Church plants saw:

  • 1,419 New Commitments to Christ!
  • 512 Baptisms!

Since 2010:

  • 210 New Churches!
  • 12,054 New Commitments to Christ!
  • 3,172 Baptisms!

And that’s just a small portion of what God is doing. The really exciting stories are the little ones happening all over Louisiana – stories like Larry and Daryl’s.