Insight into Building Strategic Ministries to Single Adults

Does your church struggle to reach and minister to single adults? Singles make up a large percentage of our population, but can present challenges in effectively reaching, teaching, and ministering to them. This article, taken from Dr. Gary Chapman’s book, “The Five Love Languages of Singles,” offers some insight into building strategic ministries to single adults.


  • 18 & over
  • 49 million strong
  • Median age of a first marriage – 25, women; 27, men
  • 18-24 years old – 87% have never married


  • Today, at any one time, 10% of all adults are divorced
  • Over time, many more adults will suffer through a divorce
  • Within 5 years, 20% of all marriages end in divorce
  • Within 10 years, one third of all couples will be divorced
  • Within 15 years, 43% will be divorced


  • Legally married but not living under the same roof
  • Temporary: will either reconcile or divorce
  • 97% of white women & 75% of nonwhite women who separate from their husbands end up in divorce within five years of the separation.


  • Definitely gender biased
  • Four out of five adults who are single due to the death of a spouse are females
  • Nearly half of all women 65 and older are widowed, compared to only 14% of men


  • Today there are more than 12 million single parents with children under eighteen in their care – almost 1 out of every three families
  • Some single parents are divorced; but a growing number of single parents have never been married
  • Among single moms, 40% were never married to the father of their children