Start Something New Resources

Healthy churches multiply.

Start Something New! Learn how to start NEW groups, enlist and train NEW leaders and start NEW ministries or groups in your community.

This brief 30-minute video is filled with great principles and simple ideas on how to start new groups, enlist and train new leaders and start new groups and/or ministries in your community.


Here you will find age-group resources and promotional materials to help involve your Sunday School leaders in starting something new.

Age-Specific Resources:


Be a Catalyst: Start New Groups is a step by step guide in understanding and effectively beginning new groups in your church or community. For a new group to begin, there must be a catalyst that discovers the need, targets a specific group of people and engages key people in the enlistment, development and execution of a new group. Are you a New Groups Catalyst? If so, this book is for you. Learn more at