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Greetings! This is your homepage for ideas, tips, hacks and strategies to make the most of social media for your church. We are just beginning to provide a veritable plethora of resources that will optimize your efforts to spread the gospel and grow your church or ministry!

Meet Our President

Dr. Thurston Algorithm
Dr. Thurston AlgorithmDr. Algorithm began teaching social media in 1932 when he invented the Fellowship Hall. It is rumored that his swift departure from MySpace in 2002 ultimately was the catalyst for its decline. Legend has it that in a chance encounter with Steve Jobs in an airport in 2005 he commented, “The iPod is stupendous, but I wish I could use it as a telephone.”


  1. From Zero to Hero
  2. Pump Up Your Social Media

Ten Biblical Commandments for Social Media

  1. Thou shalt not spend more time on social media that thou doeth with God.
  2. Let thine presence not appear snarky, bullyish nor overly condemning on social media.
  3. Thou shalt update thy page regularly.
  4. Thou shalt have no other platforms more important than real conversations and relationships.
  5. Thou shalt share but not steal!
  6. Thou shalt never flood the twitteverse and Facebooksphere with multiple repetitive updates that are purely self-serving.
  7. We beseech thee to be beneficent in sharing your content freely.
  8. Thou shalt not use overly churchy lingos and graphics that tend to obfuscate the relevant message of Jesus.
  9. Thou shalt be a lifelong learner so that your influence will last as long as your life.
  10. Thou shalt use thy social media to promote His kingdom more than thine own.