Smaller Church Progressive Revival

Smaller Churches sometimes find it difficult to have revivals. Congregation too small to support a revival financially and numerical attendance.

Progressive Revivals address this situation.

The idea is to have several churches from as little as 2 to an unlimited number, pool their resources to hold a joint revival. Each Church would host at least one service and each pastor of the participating churches would preach at least one time. When a church is hosting a service, the pastor should have the opportunity to attend his own church.

When a Pastor is preaching, it would not be at his own church, but, rather at one of the other participating churches. Each church would take a love offering each night to cover any expenses, nursery worker & etc. If enough churches participate, then the final service, all the churches could come together & the love offerings could support an Evangelist and/or worship Team for the concluding service. The only cost is if you chose to have an outside evangelist team come in on the last night, and of course, that’s certainly not required.

To see an example of only two churches working together, click here.

To see an example of many churches working together, click here.

The Louisiana Baptists Smaller Church Specialist of the Pastoral Leadership Team, would be available to help set the revival up, if you would desire.

For more information, contact Gary Mitchell.