Shepherd’s Rest Ministry

Spiritual burnout of pastors is a genuine area of concern for churches. The Shepherd’s Rest provides the resources necessary for:

  • The pastor to take a brief sabbatical of up to four Sundays
  • Pastoral oversight of the church in his absence at little to no cost to the church
  • An extended season of rest for Holy Spirit to revitalize the pastor
  • Cooperation among Baptists to be demonstrated in practice

What is The Shepherd’s Rest?
The Shepherd’s Rest is a ministry of Louisiana Baptists that provides the resources necessary for a pastor to take a brief sabbatical (up to four Sundays) with the assurance that the church where he serves will have pastoral oversight. Discover more here.

Who can participate in The Shepherd’s Rest?
The pastor must have been at his present church for at least three (3) years. If a sabbatical is needed prior to three year’s tenure please contact the Pastoral Leadership Team to discuss your unique needs.

What does the minister do during the sabbatical? Is there a plan?
The pastor commits to spend the time away wisely to pursue personal revitalization. Each situation is unique and the pastor crafts a plan of action to address his needs. A list of suggested activities is provided here.

Is there a cost to the church or minister?
Generally there is little to no cost to the church. We ask that a man or men, couple, or family host the visiting preacher for lunch. If retired preachers are utilized and the church is financially able, a modest travel stipend would be appropriate and appreciated.

How is The Shepherd’s Rest funded?
The ministry is funded by the Cooperative Program contributions of participating Louisiana Baptist churches. Learn more about the Cooperative Program here.

How can I/we request participation?
Complete this online application to request participation in The Shepherd’s Rest.

Shepherd's Rest - Request

  • Up to 4 Sundays
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Minimum of three years
  • If the pastor has served less than three years, please contact the Pastoral Leadership Team to discuss the sabbatical.
  • Participation involves these commitments:
    • The Church commits to provide full compensation for the Pastor during the Sabbatical time and to provide leadership for midweek services.
    • The Church commits not to conduct any business meetings in the Pastor’s absence.
    • The Pastor commits to pursue disciplines that will promote rest and spiritual renewal.
    • The Pastoral Leadership Team commits to provide Sabbatical Preachers at no expense to the Church or the Pastor.
    • The Sabbatical Pastor commits to faithfully preach God’s Word for the Lord’s Day morning services and to be available for ministry needs as they arise. In the event of providential hindrance, the Sabbatical Pastor will be responsible to enlist a replacement to preach for him.
    • The Louisiana Baptist Convention requests the privilege of presenting a Cooperative Program / Building Partnerships presentation during the sabbatical interim ministry.

Contact Stacy Morgan for more information.