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Preparing Louisiana Baptists to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Abuse

Following the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Louisiana Baptist Convention, Executive Director Steve Horn appointed a Sexual Abuse Response Council. The council’s purpose is to provide resources that can equip churches to be proactive against the sin of sexual abuse. Resources are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2023.

Some of the anticipated resources include:

  • Biblical Call for Righteousness and Protection
  • Sexual Abuse Response Checklist
  • Definitions and Louisiana Statutes
  • Child Abuse and Adult Abuse
  • Minor Protection Methods
  • Flow Chart Diagram
  • Reporting Agencies

Report Sexual Abuse

To report an instance of sexual abuse in a Louisiana Baptist Convention church or entity, use one of the following contact methods:

You will be able to speak confidentially to a person trained in trauma care.

Sexual Abuse Resources

In addition, Louisiana Baptists are committed to implementing strategies that endeavor to eliminate all incidents of sexual abuse among our convention of churches. As part of this commitment, we seek to listen to and support those who have suffered abuse.

We pray the resources listed below will direct you to the assistance and guidance you seek.

Ministry Safe

Louisiana Baptists have partnered with Ministry Safe to help you distinguish between fact and fiction, identify the grooming process, and implement an effective safety system for your church.

Caring Well

The American church is facing an abuse crisis. Is your church doing all it can to be safe for survivors and safe from abuse?

In response to these issues, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has put together an extensive list of resources.

Additional Resources