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RePlanting is when a new church is started on a church property that has closed, near closure, or has had a long season of decline. Since 2010, 57 churches have been replanted across Louisiana, that received training, funding, and other types of support through the LBC Missions and Ministry Office. What has been the impact of these efforts over the last 10 years? Here are a few data points:

  • Combined average worship attendance in Louisiana’s replanted churches before being replanted was 21. Today combined worship attendance in replanted churches is 101. A 380% increase.
  • None of Louisiana’s replanted churches had over 100 in regular worship attendance prior to being replanted. Today, 20 out of the 57 have over 100 in average worship attendance.
  • 79% of replanting attempts have been successful in Louisiana.

Of the 57 current replants in Louisiana,

  • 20 were the result of a merger between a healthy church and church in decline. 3 of these failed. 85% success rate.
  • 18 were developed as part of a Multisite strategy from a growing church. 4 of these failed. 78% success rate.
  • 30 were a complete restart from scratch. 9 of these failed. 70% success rate.
  • 8 represented churches in transitioning communities. (Mostly from majority Anglo to majority African-American, and the declining Anglo congregation merges with or gifts the property to a new or existing African-American congregation). These have been 100% successful.
  • 1,222 people were baptized in Louisiana Church Replants. 90% of these had 0 baptisms in the year prior to the replant.
  • Replants also reported over $230,000 in contributions to the Cooperative Program.
  • (numbers do not include Multisite Campus’ which report through the main campus)

With a growing lost population and with an average of 25 churches per year closing in Louisiana, we need a replanting movement now more than ever. Are you or your church ready to get involved? Join our Replant Ready Roundtable on September 2nd, 10am-2pm at Family of Grace Church in Alexandria and start your replanting journey.

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Share this Article

Lane Corley
Hello! I began working as a Church Planting Strategist for Louisiana Baptists in 2013. I'm honored to serve church planters around the state so that we can all lead people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. I love to enjoy the great Louisiana outdoors by gardening in the spring, hunting in the fall and playing catch with my two sons all year!

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