ReGroup Coaching is designed to improve your church health by strengthening its groups.

This coaching helps develop vision.


  • Brings clarity
  • Defines
  • Brings enthusiasm, excitement and passion
  • Empowers your leadership team

Why should I as the pastor of my church want to participate in ReGroup Coaching Strategy?


  1. The pastor is the key.
  2. This process can be repeated by the pastor, with or without the coach.
  3. By engaging key leaders of the congregation in strategy development, this process develops cohesiveness between them and the pastor.

What should I expect to happen as a result?

  1. The pastor and key leaders will develop a clear picture of who they are and why their church exists in their community at this time.
  2. They will also find a common objective (or objectives) that they will develop through strategic planning and agree upon to work together to accomplish.
  3. They will also develop “how” they expect to accomplish the objective(s) without adding additional programs, activities or events.
  4. Lastly, they will determine how to measure the success or failure of the strategy.

Types of Coaching:

  1. Local Church Consultant – one-time meeting between the pastor, a coach and a small group of leaders from the church
  2. Local Church Strategy – series of meetings between the pastor, a coach and a small group of leaders from the church
  3. Cluster Coaching Strategy – associational partnership training; three to four months of meetings involves four to six participating churches and two coaches



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