Recapturing the Mission

The history of Louisiana Baptist missions is a story that should be told. The Georgia Barnette Conference Center will be a valuable asset to recapture missions as a primary goal of our work in reaching Louisiana for Christ.

The building will contain an on-site office, coffee bar in a spacious foyer, an assembly area that will seat 280 (400 with wings expanded), and seven conference/training rooms dedicated to and named in honor of mission leaders of the past with commemorative placards that will tell the story of Louisiana Missions.

Vision Statement

We envision the Georgia Barnette Conference Center as the focal point for missions training and encouragement of missionaries, churches, associations, and others involved in the mission endeavors with the Louisiana Baptist Convention. We seek to provide a modern, state-of-the-art meeting facility combined with the retreat environment of Tall Timbers Baptist Conference Center in order to equip and inspire our churches to engage in mission activities that will make inroads into the lives of unreached people of Louisiana.

Bills to Build

GA, RA and Children in Action can contribute to the Georgia Barnette Conference Center by using the “Bills to Build” envelopes. Envelopes can be ordered by completing and returning the order form. Each window on the envelope is worth $1.00; as children put a dollar in, they can color in the window.

Send the collected money and the envelopes back to Jess Archer, Children/Youth Missions Education Strategist, P.O. Box 311, Alexandria, LA 71309.

Please email or call 1.800.622.6549 or 318.448.3402 if you have any questions. Thank you for helping us to recapture the mission.