Praying Today for the Southern Baptist Convention

Praying Today for the Southern Baptist Convention

Last evening I had the great pleasure of attending a worship service that had as one of its purposes the dedication and consecration of Dr. Ronnie Floyd as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The service was deeply meaningful to me. The service was worshipful, hopeful, and invitational. I don’t think I have ever been around Dr. Floyd when I didn’t feel inspired when I left. His deep faith in God is evident.

The service was invitational in that the service concluded with a charge to all in attendance to surrender to whatever God is calling each one to do.

I hope that you will take a moment today to pray for Dr. Ronnie Floyd.

In assuming this leadership role, Dr. Floyd has outlined “Five Keys for Transforming the Culture in the Southern Baptist Convention.” They are:

  1. Living and breathing Gospel urgency
  2. Empowering all churches, all generations, all ethnicities, and all languages
  3. Telling and celebrating what God is doing
  4. Loving others like Jesus loves
  5. Prioritizing, elevating, and accelerating generosity

Then, Dr. Floyd has outlined a clear and concise vision—reaching the world for Christ.

I believe that these are goals that Louisiana Baptists want to embrace. Let’s Go! Let’s pray! Let’s believe God for extraordinary things!