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Pray for Evangeline Baptist Association

Associational Mission Strategist: David Carlton

  • Covers Lafayette, Vermillion, St. Martin and Iberia Parishes.
  • Major towns are Lafayette, New Iberia, Abbeville, Youngville.
  • 404,977 souls reside in Evangeline Association.
  • 12.7% of the population, or 51,515, are evangelicals.
  • 141,696 or 35% of the population are listed as none’s or non-affiliated with any church.
  • Only 5,898, or 1.5% of the population, attended the 45 SBC churches in Evangeline Baptist Association in 2018.
  • 15 new SBC churches have been planted in Evangeline Association since 2010.
  • Church to Population ratio is 1 to 8,999. 97 new churches would be needed to get to our statewide ratio of 1 to 2,850. 157 new churches would be needed to get to NAMB’s suggested ratio of 1 to 2,000.
Pray for the pastors and churches of Evangeline Association. Pray for people to hunger for the gospel. Pray for believers who will share the gospel with neighbors, friends, and family members. Pray for Church Planters, RePlanters, and Partnering churches to join the workers in the harvest in Evangeline Association.
Engage Map - Evangeline Baptist Association
Lane Corley
Lane Corley
Hello! I began working as a Church Planting Strategist for Louisiana Baptists in 2013. I'm honored to serve church planters around the state so that we can all lead people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. I love to enjoy the great Louisiana outdoors by gardening in the spring, hunting in the fall and playing catch with my two sons all year!

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