Pray for Carey Association

Associational Mission Strategist: Bruce Baker
  • Covers Cameron, Calcasieu, and Jefferson Davis Parishes.
  • Major towns are Lake Charles, Sulphur, Jennings.
  • 231,084 souls reside in Carey Association.
  • 29.6% of the population, or 68,425, are evangelicals.
  • 60,405 or 30% of the population are listed as none’s or non-affiliated with any church.
  • 9,334, or 4% of the population, attend the 73 SBC churches in Carey Baptist Association.
  • 12 new SBC churches have been planted in Carey Association since 2010.
  • Church to Population ratio is 1 to 3,165. 8 new churches would be needed to get to our statewide ratio of 1 to 2,850. 43 new churches would be needed to get to NAMB’s suggested ratio of 1 to 2,000.
Pray for the pastors and churches of Carey Association. Pray for people to hunger for the gospel. Pray for believers who will share the gospel with neighbors, friends, and family members.