Has CP lost its relevance? Uh… no. Ask the church planters, missionaries, disaster relief workers, disciples, and church conflict mediators as well as the scads of ministries it creates. We need CP now more than ever before!

Share this free downloadable resource in a number of ways:

  • Hand out to worshipers or slip it in the worship bulletin
  • Make it a part of your email newsletter
  • Tack it on a bulletin board (if they haven’t been replaced by LED screens)
  • Stealthily slip it on the coffee table of the doctor’s waiting room
  • Email it to a somebody who asks your church treasurer in the monthly business meeting– “Can’t we shampoo our carpet with the funds in that there line item called ‘CP’????”
  • Read it to your baby tenderly before he falls asleep. (We can’t guarantee he’ll be hardcore SBC but he will know the best way to fund the Great Commission.)