Louisiana Baptists All State Youth Choir Alumni

Dear LBASYC Alumni and friends of LBASYC,

I pray you are well and joyfully serving the Lord wherever you are.

Now in its 36th year of ministry, LBASYC, under the wonderful direction of Dr. Cameron Weatherford, chair of the Fine Arts Department at Louisiana College, continues its tradition of providing strong music and great opportunities for high school students from all over the state to be on mission for Christ.

In addition to singing outstanding music, you will want to know time is spent each year in retreat sharing our testimonies and learning a gospel presentation, so if a student comes to LBASYC four years in a row, they will have learned at least four different techniques for sharing their faith. We consider LBASYC a successful ministry when students return to their own sphere of influence and obediently share their faith in Christ using the tools and encouragement they received in their LBASYC experience.

It is important students continue to have this life-changing encounter to be on mission through LBASYC.

However, as is true everywhere, the cost for food, travel, and accommodations continues to rise. The LBASYC program is now almost completely funded by the students and I am reaching out to you, LBASYC Alumni and friends of LBASYC, asking you to prayerfully consider a financial contribution to LBASYC. Many of our students are working hard to raise their own funds, and while churches are helping with car washes, bake sales, auctions, etc, each student must pay $950 for LBASYC and EP students have an additional fee of $95.

My hope is that through donations we will be able to cover the cost of transportation each year and thereby reduce the participant’s financial responsibility. This year, transportation to Chicago, IL, will cost $20,000.

Will you be a part of reaching this goal?

Whether you choose to participate financially, please be in prayer for the students’ lives to be transformed as a result of their involvement in LBASYC. Thousands of you are serving Christ all over the world in vocational and voluntary ministry due in part to your participation in LBASYC. Just think what God can do with the next thousand students!

Dr. Herb Armentrout
Youth Music Consultant
Louisiana Baptist Convention