Ideas for reaching, teaching, and ministering to Boomers

The Baby Boomer Generation, born 1946-1964, by their sheer number have changed American culture for the past sixty years. The church continues to be influenced as Boomers do not view aging and retirement as past generations.

Many Boomers say they will never become “senior adults!”

This means a church’s ministry to aging Boomers must look different. This talk sheet offers ideas for reaching, teaching, and ministering to the Baby Boomer Generation.

Senior adult ministry for the G.I. generation (born 1901-1924) and the Silent generation (born 1925-45) will be very different from ministry to the Boomer generation (b. 1946-64).

  • Boomers will probably not come to the monthly luncheon.
  • Boomers will never consider themselves “senior adults.”
  • Boomers want to stay active, working long into the “retirement” years.
  • Boomers want to be active in ministry or changing their world.
  • Boomers may grow more spiritually sensitive with age.

Here are a few ideas for reaching, teaching, and ministering to the Baby Boomer Generation.

Encourage “older” senior adults to be involved in ministry projects.

  • Homebound
  • Crisis pregnancy centers
  • Clothing closets
  • Homeless shelters
  • Disaster Relief
  • Sewing

Special Bible Studies during the day

  • VBS for adults
  • January Bible Study (invite a speaker)
  • Baptist Doctrine Study (invite a speaker)

Monthly luncheons and events are good for “older” senior adults.

  • Encouragement
  • Fellowship
  • Ministry
  • Speakers address:
    • Scam prevention
    • Social media
    • Insurance
    • Crime
    • Local ministries
    • Local Christian authors
    • Local pastors, music ministers and staff members


  • Senior Adult Luncheon at the Evangelism Conference – January
  • Gospel Celebration – Louisiana College, September
  • Associational Progressive Senior Adult Revivals
  • Louisiana Baptist Convention Annual Meeting- November
  • Association Annual Meeting – fall