I Will: Evangelism Conference Resources

In a survey recently taken by NAMB of effective evangelistic churches, four commonalities were found.

Praying – they prayed for the lost, sought God for wisdom in planning and covered every event with prayer
Equipping – they trained people to share their faith and equipped them for various events
Sowing – they made sure that their geographical area was saturated with the Gospel
Harvesting – they used well prepared harvest events in order to reach the lost

These principles are proven, biblical and transferable in any church of any size or location.

In the booklet and videos on this page, these principles are restated in the form of five commitments leading to specific actions. If an individual or church will apply these principles, by God’s power and grace people can be reached.

It is our prayer that we will…

Be Intentional about reaching the lost
Intercede for lost friends and family
Invest in building relations with the lost
Invite the lost to our Bible studies, worship services and evangelistic events
Impart the Word of God through sharing our faith personally

Get Started

“How do I use these videos?”

  • Pastors can challenge the church through a five- to six-week sermon series. The videos and booklet featured here are available for download. Printed booklets can also be ordered from Fine Print in Alexandria, LA by calling 318.442.0185.
  • Individuals can download the videos and booklet to use personally whether a church uses it corporately or not.
  • Small groups can use the booklet over five sessions to challenge viewers to make the necessary commitments to reach the lost.
  • Leaders in the church can gather and be led by a pastor or another leader to challenge them to reach the lost.
  • Pastors can use the booklet for themselves to renew their own commitment to personal evangelism.

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