Tithing, Financial Planning and Generosity

It all belongs to God anyway!

Download the InfographWhat do you think about when you think about “stewardship”? For some reason I think of a guy in a bow tie who carries around a fancy overpriced calculator and a stack of spreadsheets.  (Not that I have anything against bow ties!) But I just don’t really get excited about the word stewardship. Quite a confession, I know.

What really excites me are words like, wonder, amazement, answered prayer, faith, unsolved mystery, adventure! And isn’t that what tithing, financial planning and generosity create. Anyone who has ever been on a mission to give and get out of debt will tell you that there has never been a greater adventure!

On this page you’ll find a growing library of resources to help you network, promote and celebrate what God can do when Christians get the money deal figured out.

To help Christians break the choke hold of consumer debt, the Louisiana Baptists have partnered with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and COMPASS- finances God’s way.

Resources are available that teach proven and biblically-based solutions.

These partnerships will offer the hope of practical, sound financial stewardship to every member of our 1,622 Louisiana Baptist churches. Resources are available that teach proven and biblically-based solutions. Both ministries feature a small-group study with DVD and personal workbook.

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