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The 5 Miracles of Easter

The 5 miracles we cover here don’t tell the whole redemptive story of the resurrection of Jesus. But, they are good reminders of the power and majesty of God during one of the most important times in human history.

One at a Time

Interested in learning more? If so, peruse the links below to learn more about the 5 miracles of Easter.

Looking for More?

If you love The 5 Miracles but still need more resources, we’re happy to provide those as well. So then, use the list below to find more concerning the resurrection.

First, check out RightNow Media for resources and tools to help you to preach and teach through the resurrection of Jesus. Want to go further in other areas of study? They have a wide range of studies and topics available to you.

Secondly, this book, a collection of sermons gathered together by Dr. Warren Wiersbe, features 12 historical sermons on the subject.

Thirdly, this video features a well-known debate about the resurrection between Dr. Bart D. Ehrman and Dr. William Lane Craig, held March 28, 2006 at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Lastly, in this interview, historian and philosopher Dr. Gary Habermas explains the evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus.