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This is your starting point for Disaster Relief participation!

“Somebody’s GOT to do SOMETHING!”

When you see a flood, a fire, a storm or a quake on CNN, have you ever had these words well up from inside?

If so, that just might be the Holy Spirit revealing your call to the front line of a great ministry. The good part of it is that Disaster Relief could possibly be one of the most gratifying and exciting experiences of you life.

Disaster Relief often leads to divine belief!

We challenge you to give through the Cooperative Program as well as donating specifically to this amazing team that consists of people just like you!

Feeling called to do more? Great! Because we need you. You can make a difference through DR.

Whether you can stir a pot of chili, take a chainsaw to cut down broken tree limbs, paint, or just lend a helping hand – you too can be a hero like those who are currently serving. We’ll even provide the yellow t-shirt that you’ve seen in the news during relief efforts. And then you can say, “We’re doing this because Jesus loves you!”

Ready to join? Let us know!

I’m in!


Below, you’ll find resources to help you learn more about DR through an audio workshop and an accompanying PowerPoint.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to begin your journey.

Also we are providing a free, downloadable video that will help you promote Disaster Relief in your church.

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Share this Article

Gibbie McMillan
Gibbie is the former Men's Ministry & Disaster Relief Strategist for Louisiana Baptists. He served in that position for 15 years before retiring in 2021.

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