DON'T Stop the Spread!

DON’T Stop the Spread!

“But the word of God spread and multiplied.” Acts 12:24

Researchers say that each person infected with Coronavirus can spread it to 3 others rapidly. If those 3 each spread it to three and each of those spread it to 3, in 10 cycles, you’re at 59,000!

This is similar to how the gospel spread after the coming of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts. Would that this were still true of believers spreading the gospel today. God has not placed protective measures in place to stop the spread of our faith. We do that by remaining silent, socially distancing from the lost, and leaving the spread to professionals. The curve has flattened on the growth of churches and we are responsible. If you believe, think of three to infect with the gospel message today. You may start a viral movement of transformation across your community.

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