DIY Announcement Screens for the Budget Conscious Church

An announcement loop seems to be a mainstay in the 21st century church. Being able to give people a glimpse of the opportunities to grow and serve in their church should never be taken for granted and should be done with excellence.

Just because it needs to be done well doesn’t always mean you need to spend a lot of money. Here are the materials you will need to acquire in order to begin.

Project List

  • LED/LCD TV (preferable 42” or greater)
  • Flat screen TV mount
  • WD TV Live Media Player Wi-fi 1080p
  • Small flash drive (4gb or more)
  • Industrial Velcro
  • 1.5ft. HDMI cable
An excellent announcement screen doesn't need to be expensive

An excellent announcement screen doesn’t need to be expensive


  1. Hire an electrician to provide a power outlet in the area of the wall where theTV will be mounted
  2. Mount the TV following the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the mount. ( has great prices on mounts and HDMI cables)
  3. Take your industrial strength Velcro and adhere the WD TV Live to a flat surface on the wall or back of the TV.
  4. Connect the HDMI cable to both the TV and the WD TV Live box
  5. Use Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator to create slides that are sized at 1920px x 1080px. You can do smaller slide dimensions but the suggested dimensions will give your images the maximum clarity.
  6. Take your thumb drive and load these images you made as well as a few songs to loop while the slides are going.
  7. Plug your flash drive into the WD Live and power it up. You will be able to access your slides and songs from the flash drive using the WD Live and begin your loop. Please consult the owner’s manual if you need assistance.
Behind the TV view of the WD Live TV box with USB drive

Rear TV view of the WD Live TV box with USB drive

Extra idea for the more advanced

You could easily repeat these steps for a two TV setup inside a lobby or corridor by adding a few additional items. A Kramer 1:2 HDMI distribution amplifier and two 50ft. HDMI cables would give you the ability to have the same exact image on two different TV’s at the same time. Sometimes this is desirable just so the ads are looping in unison. This gives a very polished look but is not absolutely necessary.