Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus (03-13-20 – 7:06pm Update)


Your state missions staff continues to monitor the quickly evolving Coronavirus situation and appreciate your prayers as we process all of the information coming from federal and state sources.

We posted information and suggestions yesterday regarding Sunday services. While many of these are still valid, the Governor’s proclamation today certainly tweaks and changes some of those.

As you know, every church is autonomous therefore the Executive Board does not have the prerogative to pass down directives to Louisiana Baptist churches. However, after conducting conference calls today with several pastors and Directors of Missions, here are some suggestions for you to consider over the next several weeks.

If your congregation runs under 250 in attendance, which the vast majority of our churches do, the suggestions offered yesterday are still worthy of consideration.

For those of you who run over 250, here are some ideas you may find helpful:

  • Consider foregoing Sunday School and hold multiple worship services thus assuring your congregation remains under the 250 limit.
  • For those who already have two Sunday Schools and two worship services, in addition to foregoing Sunday School, you may need to adjust your schedule to give ample time for sanitizing between services.
  • If you do not currently offer multiple services and need to conduct them in order to stay under the limit, consider assigning Sunday School classes a specific service to attend.
  • A Saturday night option may also need to be offered in some cases.
  • A few pastors indicated they are considering a house church option.
  • Others are going to use Facebook Live in lieu of gathering.

Even with these changes, we’re still calling for Sunday to be a dedicated day of prayer. Whether you gather corporately, worship through technology, or worship privately, please join Southern Baptists across the country in this consecrated time of prayer for our nation.

Let me take this opportunity to urge all Louisiana Baptists to refrain from public criticism of the Governor’s proclamation. He is in a difficult spot and needs our prayers and not our criticism.

These are unprecedented times, but at the same time we have opportunities to show the love of Christ and grow in our personal discipleship. Remember what Paul told the Roman believers “All things work together for good …

Please know we are praying for you as you decide the best way for your people to worship in the coming weeks.

Keep looking up,

Steve Horn
Executive Director
Louisiana Baptists