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ReGroup ConferenceBaptists are good at talking about what we should do and how to do it, but do you remember WHY you do what you do? At the ReGroup Conference, our goal is to connect you to God’s purpose for the church. We exist to glorify God. We glorify God when we make disciples. We make disciples by sharing the gospel with the lost, developing biblical community, helping believers to mature spiritually and equipping believers to live missionally.

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So, what is the ReGroup Conference?

The ReGroup Conference is designed as an Outcome Based Conference. Typically, most of our traditional models of training starts with your program role or position and we train you HOW to do your job. In the Outcome Based Conference we plan with the end in mind. We start with the desired outcome. Then lead the leader to determine the best strategy to lead his/her group/class to accomplish that outcome.

For example, one of the priorities of the ReGroup Strategy is to share the gospel with the lost. At the ReGroup conference, every leader who leads a group will need to process how that group will accomplish the objective of sharing the gospel with the lost. Each Group and each leader defines, the who, what and how. All we do is remind them that the scriptures teach us to GO and Make Disciples. Every Group and Every Leader determines their strategy based on their context and their giftedness.

Who should attend the ReGroup Conference?

We believe that EVERY church should have some kind of “Group Strategy” that accomplishes the purpose of the church; which is to Make Disciples. Therefore, any leader in the church who is responsible for leading a group of people should attend this conference. Specifically, this conference is intended for Pastors, Church staff, Sunday School Leaders, Discipleship Leaders, Small Group Leaders, Cell Group Leaders, Men’s Group Leaders, Women’s Group Leaders, Church Planting Group Leaders, Spanish Speaking Group Leaders, Missional Group Leaders, Compassion Ministry Leaders, etc. If you are responsible for leading a small group of people who meet regularly; you belong at this conference. It doesn’t matter where you meet, how often you meet or what it is called.

What should I expect to get from the ReGroup Conference?

Our core message is Matthew 28: 19-20. We believe that “groups” (Sunday School, Discipleship, small group, cell group, missional group, etc) are the churches best strategy to make disciples. In order for a group to be healthy it must balance all four priority objectives: Share the Gospel with the Lost; Develop Biblical Community among the Group; Help people to Grow Spiritually and Equip people to Live Missionally.

Every participant should expect to walk away challenged to lead their “group” ministry (regardless of what it is called), to achieve these objectives in a way that is unique and customized for their context.

Too often we are teaching our leaders to do a specific job or perform in a specific role. We want to start with WHY their role is important to the mission of the church then help them determine what they need to do and how best to accomplish it.

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