Checklist for Easter Sunday

1. Make sure your service time is pinned to the top of your social media pages and websites.
Don’t make it difficult for people to find out vital information like your service times. People who aren’t in the habit of attending church need this information.

2. Take a fresh look at your church’s interior and exterior appearance.
Invite someone who doesn’t attend your church to take a look on Saturday. He or she might see things you don’t see because you’re so used to it.

3. Double-check signage and the welcome center.
Remember, visitors don’t know how things work or where things are. Make sure you make it obvious.

4. Make sure greeters are assigned to entrances.
This is where the extroverts come in handy! Train your greeters to be the kind of people you’d want to meet if you were visiting. It’s not rocket science. You know the people-persons!

5. Create a communication card.
This is your opportunity to learn who these people are and what decisions they have made.

6. Avoid insider speak.
Stay away from language that is coded in the culture of your church. Put your practical, down-to-earth words in the ears of those that don’t usually attend.

7. Gifts are always a good thing. Make them connect to the theme.
Everyone loves gifts, but they are extra-effective if they fit some aspect of your message.

8. Don’t make Easter Sunday so unusual that people have “worship lash” next time they come back.
Easter is special but stay in your lane. In other words, don’t use elements you aren’t using on a monthly basis. The Easter service shouldn’t be a false impression of what you usually do. Make it excellent but not outlandish.

9. Tease them this Sunday.
This is a great opportunity to share ONE thing you’ll do in April.  A sermon series is a great promotional place to start.

10. Don’t forget the main thing.
Don’t forget the main thing – the tomb is empty! Everything you do in an Easter service should revolve around that one revolutionary fact.

11. Follow up!
Use the information you get about those who visit. If you don’t follow up, chances are, you won’t see them until maybe … Christmas.

12. But don’t be creepy.
While you are following up, make sure you aren’t breeching personal space. Give them some room to reflect and find ways to do follow-up that aren’t offensive.

13. Give members tools to promote.
Promoting your church is inexpensive these days! Give your members tools to let people know about your church including art, memes and electronic content they can post and email.

14. Don’t jump Snake River Canyon.
In other words, don’t over-prepare with lots of tricky technical effects that are hard for your people to pull off. For instance, don’t give a guy a five-minute monologue if he has never acted before.

15. Create a thread (in other words, be intentional).
Plan your worship thematically. Weave your worship around the theme of the message. Don’t be afraid to be multi-sensory in your worship.

16. Pray over your space.
Open your worship area on Saturday so that prayer warriors can intercede for everything that will happen on Sunday.

17. Invite change.
Pastors and worship leaders, ask yourself, “What are we challenging the people to change about their lives?” Look at the red letters in your Bible, Jesus is all about change.

18. No one-up-ing allowed.
After Sunday is done, don’t brag on yourself, your church or your attendance. Brag on God. It really is all about Jesus.

Enjoy this free ebook! You might find some things you can use year-round.