CP Makes a Big Difference (Infographic)

Has CP lost it’s relevance? Uh… no. Ask the church planters, missionaries, disaster relief workers, disciples, and church conflict mediators as well as the scads of ministries it creates.  We need CP now more than ever before!

Share this free downloadable resource in a number of ways:

  • Slip it in the worship bulletin
  • Make it a part of your email newsletter
  • Tack it on a bulletin board (if they haven’t been replaced by LED screens)
  • Stealthy slip it on the coffee table of the doctor’s waiting room
  • Email it to a somebody who asks your church treasurer in the monthly business meeting– “Can’t we shampoo our carpet with the funds in that there line item called ‘CP’????”
  • Read it to your baby tenderly before he falls asleep. (We can’t guarantee he’ll be hardcore SBC but he will know the best way to fund the Great Commission.)

¿“Ola, está interesado/a en un folleto que explica el Programa Cooperativo “PC”? Si lo está, descarga aquí.”

Descarga aquí

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CP Makes a Big Difference . PDF

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Navigating Your Finances God’s Way

Every believer needs to know what the Bible says about financial stewardship. As the economy slows and take-home pay shrinks, people are looking for ways to get out of debt and to make their income go farther.

thumbnailNavigating Your Finances God’s Way is a brand new 9-week study that combines biblical principles and practical tips. The study also includes electronic spreadsheets and Money Lounge, an online budgeting tool that utilizes Mint.com and smartphone apps.

If you want to experience a closer relationship with Christ, pray for others, create a budget, reduce your debt and better understand issues such as lordship, eternity and stewardship then this small group may be for you.

What others are saying…

“The COMPASS study stresses the scriptural basis for every financial decision. It teaches participants that there are 2,350 Bible verses that talk about money. It starts with the premise that we don’t own anything; that everything belongs to God. I like the fact that our weekly discussions about every area of finances are centered on Biblical principles.”
Howard Turner, Senior Pastor – Live Oak Baptist Church, Denham Springs, LA

“The proposition to include this topic as a part of discipleship is a great idea. I was surprised to know how much our Lord Jesus Christ taught about money in the scriptures.”
Dr. Carl Gulde, Senior Pastor – Bethel Baptist Church, Colfax, LA

“The COMPASS small group study is exactly the financial resource management partner we’ve been looking for! They merge stewardship and discipleship in the way they should be merged!”
Dr. David Cranford, Senior Pastor – FBC, Ponchatoula, LA

“Having helped train men through Men’s Fraternity, I know how important good resources and small group interaction is to changing lives. Compass knows this as well. Thousands of men and women have found financial freedom and pursued a God-honoring stewardship of their life and possessions. I highly recommend this important ministry.”
Robert Lewis, Pastor and Founder – Men’s Fraternity

To learn how you can start a Navigating Your Finances God’s Way class in your church for, email CP@LouisianaBaptists.org or call 318.448.3402.

Want to see more Financial Planning tools and resources? We offer many tools for your church and congregation.

View Financial Planning Page

Unlimited: God’s Grace & Glory

Unlimited: God’s Grace & Glory is a three-week, church-wide financial emphasis that will challenge your congregation to be a force for total transformation in three areas of ministry.

They are

  • God’s unlimited grace and glory is experienced through the gospel
  • God’s unlimited grace and glory is expressed through our giftedness
  • God’s unlimited grace and glory is exhibited through our generosity

Resources include

Unlimited DVD, PowerPoint overview, resource guide, leader preparation guide, graded lessons, drama sketches, sermon starters with PowerPoint, theme song, letters, and commitment card with offering envelope.

Interested? This free promotional resource is available upon request. Contact CP@LouisianaBaptists.org or 318.448.3402.

Traction: Living in Sync with God

Traction: Living in Sync with God offers an opportunity for people to make significant progress in their journey with the Lord! When a church decides to participate in the Traction: Living in Sync with God emphasis, members will be given the opportunity to remember, respond, return, and rejoice by realigning life with the Lord.

This Leader Preparation Guide will help you make significant traction in your church during the four-week emphasis. Traction will help church members:

Understand that God Offers Spiritual Traction:

  • When We Remember Him
  • When We Respond in Faithfulness
  • When We Return to Blessedness
  • When We Rejoice in Him

This amazing free resource is available to every church or pastor.

Request a copy by contacting CP@LouisianaBaptists.org and 318-448-3402 or 800-622-6549 (La only).

This resource package includes the Traction DVD, PowerPoint overview, resource guide, leader preparation guide, graded Sunday School lessons, drama sketches and much more!

Financial Peace University

daveramseyWhy did Jesus say, “For where your heart is there your treasure will be also”? Because he knew that financial stewardship is a vital part of his lordship in our lives. When Jesus is Lord over our finances, we experience the joy of understanding his ownership of everything.

FPU is a 9-week study designed to help you understand:

  • Working & Saving
  • Eternity
  • Earning & Investing
  • Financial Crisis
  • Giving

To order FPU resources, call the FPU Church Team at 877.378.2667 and mention you are a Louisiana Baptist church. For more information contact 318-448-3402 or CP@LouisianaBaptists.org.