Camp or No Camp – That is the Question!

The current situation with the COVID-19 means life at camp looks different right now. At this point we are looking forward to summer with the hope that we will still be able to host all of our camps and we are currently accepting registrations.

The situation with coronavirus is ever-evolving, and we don’t know what it will look like in a few weeks or a few months. Sadly, we’ve had to cancel many spring events, but we are prayerful and hopeful as we continue to prepare for camps to happen as scheduled. Please join us in this prayer!

We are still accepting summer camp registrations and understand that you have questions, so check out the FAQs below!

Will summer camp happen this year?

We are praying and preparing for camps and accepting registrations as if they will take place.

What if I register for camp and pay the deposit and then camp gets cancelled because of the virus?

If we have to cancel any camps due to coronavirus, we will refund all deposits for those camps. You will not lose your money if we cannot provide the camp.

How will the decisions about summer camps be made?

It is our goal to provide a definitive decision on your camp no later than three (3) weeks prior to the date your camp is scheduled to begin. All decisions will be based on current recommendations from the CDC and state and local officials. We will notify you of these decisions through email and Facebook, and promptly return any deposits paid.

When should I register?

Because deposits for any cancelled camps will be refunded, there’s no reason to wait!

6 Reasons for Bible Drill

Once again this April, hundreds of Elementary, Middle and High School students will be compete in Bible Drills all over the state! The rewards are life-changing.

Memorization of Scripture sticks with a believer for the rest of his or her life. I still remember the scriptures I memorized as a child.

Some might argue that Bible Drill and Bible memorization is passé. Nothing could be further from the truth. If your son or daughter has the opportunity to be involved in Bible Drill, please don’t hesitate to encourage them!

Here are 6 reasons why Bible Drill and Scripture memorization are important to kids and students.

  1. Memorization of scripture is a radical distinctive of God’s people. In fact in Jesus day, children would memorize the entire first five books of the Old Testament by age twelve. The Babylonian Talmud Baba Bathra 21a:6 says, “Before the age of six do not accept pupils; from that age you can accept them, and stuff them with Torah like an ox.”
  2. Saturating you mind with the Word of God prepares kids for the challenges of the future. You will have a greater chance to see them remain faithful to God in the years to come.
  3. Scripture is the best tool for prayer. A student who knows Scripture will learn to pray biblically.
  4. Learning how to get around in the Word of God makes Scripture less intimidating to students. Knowing where each book is located will ultimately make them more competent to study God’s word and to participate in Bible studies.
  5. If a student that knows Scripture they will be more likely to share their faith. The basis of our faith is the truth of God’s word. By memorizing Scripture students will feel more at ease with defending and sharing their faith.
  6. Scripture memorization is a necessity for the spiritual warfare they will face in the coming years. Remember the temptation of Jesus? How did Jesus combat Satan? Scripture, Scripture, Scripture and then, you guessed it, Scripture!

So there you have six reasons for Bible memorization and Bible Drill events. You can rest assured there are many other reasons.

Teach your kids to hide the Word of God in their hearts and watch as it takes root in their soul!

Why VBS?

98,000 children attend VBS in baptist churches all over Louisiana. But what difference does it really make? LOTS.

You’ll be inspired by how young mother, Natasha Collins, and her family were impacted by VBS and the power of grace.

Wayne Hunt, pastor of Coteau Baptist Church, shares his perspective on why VBS is one of the greatest evangelistic opportunities that any church can do.  This video is a great promotion tool for churches needing to capture a vision of the impact of Vacation Bible School.

“We don’t do Vacation Bible School to grow our church. We do Vacation Bible School to reach our community for Christ.” -Wayne Hunt

40 Fantastic Prayers for the New School Year

Father God, would you….

1. Strengthen my kids’ resolve to follow You.

2. Protect them from worldviews that will challenge their faith.

3. Allow my children to be influenced by godly men and women within our school.

4. Protect my student from bullies and others that would shame and destroy self-confidence and joy.

5. Make my child bold and brave when it comes to expressing their faith.

6. Give teachers a deep, mysterious understanding of how to best teach my son or daughter.

7. Help me to know when to step in and when to leave room for You to work.

8. Remind me of the power of prayer everyday and also remind me that I need to pray EVERY DAY for my child.

9. During times they are being transported before, during and after school please protect them.

10. Bring revival in the high school campuses in our city.

11. Reaffirm your promises to me as I do my best to influence the children in my home and their friends.

12. Help me to recall scriptures to share with my kids before they ever leave the house.

13. Give wisdom to my children about how many activities they will commit to doing.

14. Supply financially for the needs of the poor in our midst and allow me to be a source of that financial provision.

15. Disallow our government to restrict our rights to share our Christian faith within the schools and in our community.

16. Help us as we make decisions about food during school. We are so often careless with our food and our kids pick up on that!

17. Add steps to my child’s day and help him to travel with good companions and have a direct influence on students who are off the path.

18. Give my pastor the right words to say on Sunday which will ultimately prepare our kids for Monday.

19. Help us never forget to be thankful for all we have from buildings to pencils and then also to pray and find ways to help those who do not have.

20. Astound my child through science about your marvelous creation.

21. When my child is bored in math, bring to his mind the scripture reference numbers that we’ve been memorizing.

22. When conflict happens, give us wisdom and love enough to settle and bring reconciliation.

23. Remind us of our great need for racial reconciliation and help us be reconcilers.

24. Protect our children from disease and illness that often happens when kids gather on a daily basis.

25. Settle us down when we are testy and irritable during the year.

26. Use athletics to build character and humility.

27. Help us to celebrate the little victories.

28. Create relationships that are saturated in grace.

29. Show us how to really listen to each other, not only with our ears but also our hearts.

30. Help us make the most of every opportunity to encourage those who struggle.

31. Give us a spirit of empathy and understanding when things get messy and emotional.

32. Shield our children from sexual predators as well as any person who would chose to say or do anything that would sexualize our kids.

33. Prepare our kids for their future marriages. It seems weird to pray this, but even years before they meet, they will both need your care today.

34. Help my children to get rid of all mockery and sarcasm. And help me to not model this either.

35. Fill in the gaps of my kids’ faith through the influence of other Christian leaders.

36. Remind me to stop and take the opportunity to pray with my kids every day and not just at the dinner table.

37. Make my faith so vibrant that my kids know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I believe You are real!

38. As parents keep our heads on a swivel when it comes to being sensitive and alert to the needs of kids in our church.

39. Keep us aware of the spiritual warfare that goes on in schools all over the world. Make me vigilant to keep up my guard and be on the offense for the sake of love.

40. Help us to trust you throughout the year, because as hard as it is to believe, You love them even more than we do!

Children’s Ministry Video Quick Tips

“TRAINING” seems to be the word we all need but we all struggle to fit into our schedule.  We know that the best teachers are great learners. However, in today’s world and schedules it is so hard to find time for training let alone extend that training to our fellow teachers and leaders.  This resource hub will hopefully be a wonderful tool that can be used in a variety of ways.


The video resources located here can be used by individuals wanting to catch up on kid’s ministry subjects. They can also be used in a teacher/leader meeting as conversation starters that will lead into a good discussion in a group setting.

The subjects in the video series cover:

Children’s Ministry Coffee Talk Sheets

Looking for a way to start a conversation on an important kids ministry topic? We have the right resource for you!