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The Pledge

Pastors all across our state are excited about The Pledge! Watch the video to learn more.

Grow Your Ministry with Facebook

Only the population of China is bigger than Facebook and chances are, most of your people can be found on Facebook connecting with others. Therefore it is not wise to just think of Facebook as today’s version of MySpace. It is here to stay. Facebook isn’t just a vehicle for Candy Crush Saga and seeing Aunt […]

21 Free Tools You Should Know About

The world is changing faster than ever, and as Louisiana Baptists, we are on a quest to help you reach more people for the gospel in new and innovative ways. A vast majority of churches use the web, but few use it well. This free resource will help you represent the gospel through multimedia and […]

12 Media Resources You Can Use Now

This era of technology is probably the most difficult one to keep up with. It seems as if every year, services and ideas change the landscape of effective communication. This can be frustrating and unnerving, but with all that change, churches can seize the moment and become effective with little capital! It’s time to take […]