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He Is Risen: An Easter Collection

He Is Risen! And it’s time to celebrate it! We’ve collected and created beautiful background slides, compelling sermon illustrations and more to help your church celebrate this Easter week. Discover a resource! Videos The Cross Runtime: 3:20 From Vimeo: Watch a beautiful masterpiece come to life as you hear the story of how Jesus gave […]

Worship Resource: The Romance of the Ages

The following two-person dramatic sketch could be done as a reading to augment a sermon on the unconditional love and grace of Jesus. Feel free to photocopy it and share it with others. This sketch works well for any worship event, especially around Valentine’s Day. It ends with a challenge for married couples.

He Came for the Rest of Us

The following Christmas reading can be used in a sermon, Bible Study or Christmas fellowship. It work well in the context of Luke 2:10: But the angel said to them, “Don’t be afraid, for look, I proclaim to you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.” It could be used […]

CP Makes a Big Difference (Infographic)

Has CP lost it’s relevance? Uh… no. Ask the church planters, missionaries, disaster relief workers, disciples, and church conflict mediators as well as the scads of ministries it creates.  We need CP now more than ever before! Share this free downloadable resource in a number of ways: Slip it in the worship bulletin Make it […]

Navigating Your Finances God’s Way

Every believer needs to know what the Bible says about financial stewardship. As the economy slows and take-home pay shrinks, people are looking for ways to get out of debt and to make their income go farther. Navigating Your Finances God’s Way is a brand new 9-week study that combines biblical principles and practical tips. […]

Unlimited: God’s Grace & Glory

Unlimited: God’s Grace & Glory is a three-week, church-wide financial emphasis that will challenge your congregation to be a force for total transformation in three areas of ministry. They are God’s unlimited grace and glory is experienced through the gospel God’s unlimited grace and glory is expressed through our giftedness God’s unlimited grace and glory […]

A Pledge to Pray for Our Country

As we gather together to celebrate our independence as a country, invite your church to come together in one mind and one voice and acknowledge our dependence on God. This joyful pledge to pray for our country can be used in any patriotic worship time. Congregational Reading Leader: When Jesus is Lord, Congregation: our country is blessed. Leader: When […]

We Are Free

Freedom. The celebration of our freedom is more than just barbecue, fireworks and parades. It’s a time to gather together and remember what Christ did on the cross. As Christians, we know that we are really free because the ultimate price was paid by a perfect, spotless lamb. As we gather together to celebrate our […]

Easter Week Communion Service Plan

This brief multi-sensory worship plan can be used on Good Friday or Palm Sunday. Scripture Reading & Prayer Pastor: Jesus said, “I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover meal with you before I suffer. For I tell you, I will not eat it again until it finds fulfillment in the kingdom of God.” Reader […]

Traction: Living in Sync with God

Traction: Living in Sync with God offers an opportunity for people to make significant progress in their journey with the Lord! When a church decides to participate in the Traction: Living in Sync with God emphasis, members will be given the opportunity to remember, respond, return, and rejoice by realigning life with the Lord. This Leader Preparation […]