Accounting Notification for Churches

Starting in 2018, the accounting office will no longer hold the books open for receipts. The rule is, on the first business day of a new month, we will  include any receipts postmarked in the prior month as received in the prior month. Any receipts received after that day will be included in the new month even if postmarked in the prior month.

It is very important for churches to understand that your 2017 December receipts may not be included in the 2017 reporting year (Which is currently happening now for many churches). It will depend on when the last Sunday in December falls, how soon the church sends their December receipts to LBC and how soon the post office delivers your mail.

We understand this may cause an anomaly with your 2017 receipts comparison to our receipt reporting, however this is a better accounting procedure and we appreciate your patience.

– Accounting Department