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Fueling Kids Missions

Drop-In Missions Education is at it’s heart, about kids missions. So, we offer free and downloadable lessons every month to be used as part of your church’s kid’s ministry.

Who is This For?

Children in grades 1-6 will learn about missions and ministries all across Louisiana and how their Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering is part of these ministries.

Help children discover ways to participate in projects that make a difference in their communities and around the world.

Don’t forget to check back each month for a new lesson!

Drop-In Missions Education

Help spread the word about Kids Missions. Drop-In Missions Education resources are very everyone. Use the button above to download an informative flyer.

2022 Lessons

SEND New Orleans

October 2022

This lessons seeks to introduce children to efforts of sharing the gospel in New Orleans.

Georgia Barnette

September 2022

Children will explore who she was, what she did, and how she encouraged people.

Back to School

August 2022

A lesson teaching children to think about others using kindness to reach out in the name of Jesus.

People Groups

July 2022

Explore what people groups are and what missionaries are doing to reach people for Christ.

Christian Job Corps

June 2022

Dive into WMU Compassion Ministries and Christian Job Corps for men and women.

Prison Ministry

May 2022

Participate in a yearly gift box distribution at the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women.


April 2022

Learn how to become a part of a unique Christmas Backpack ministry.

Compassion Ministry

March 2022

Teach your children how to be a part of feeding the hungry in their community.

Mission Builders

February 2022

Introduce your students to the Missions Builders program and learn how it works.

Let’s Go to Camp

January 2022

Learn all about Children’s Mission Camp and the Mini Mission Adventure Camp.

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