Hannah Reynolds WMU Scholarships at Louisiana College

Applications no longer being accepted this year.

Louisiana WMU has a long and proven history for providing scholarship assistance for students attending Louisiana College. As a WMU scholarship student, these women and men are not only assisted financially, but through the prayers of WMU associational leaders throughout the state. Learn more.

Seminary Women

Providing scholarship assistance for women attending one of the six Southern Baptist seminaries is a particular joy for Louisiana WMU. This scholarship is for women who are enrolled and attending classes on the main campus of the seminary and who are pursuing a Master’s degree. Learn more.

African American Missions Pastors

The African American Mission Pastors scholarship is administered by WMU and provides scholarship assistance to pastors of African American missions in our state. These pastors much be enrolled at a Southern Baptist Seminary or its approved extension center while pursuing a Master’s Degree or Christian Education Diploma. Learn more.

Nelda C. Seal Endowed Scholarship

The Nelda C. Seal Endowed Scholarship for Louisiana Mission Pastors was begun in 1999 to provide assistance for Louisiana mission pastors pursuing a Master’s Degree or Christian Diploma at a Southern Baptist Seminary or approved extension center. Learn more.

For more information on Women’s Missions and Ministry, email Janie.Wise@louisianabaptists.org or call the Women’s Missions & Ministry office at 318.448.3402.