Mission Friends the WMU missions organization for preschoolers, babies through kindergarten. Mission Friends offers preschoolers fun and engaging learning experiences to begin understanding missions concepts and attitudes. Mission Friends provides learning to:

  • Help preschoolers move from a focus of self-centeredness to a focus on others.
  • Help preschoolers be aware that God wants everyone to know His love, but not everyone knows of God’s love.
  • Lead preschoolers and their parents or caregivers in ways they can help others know of God’s love.

In Mission Friends, preschoolers learn about the different missions area each month. Through the weekly sessions, they learn about the missionary or special worker who serves in that area. Preschoolers learn about the people and their need to hear about Jesus. Mission Friends helps preschoolers learn about both North American and international missions work.

Mission Friends gives preschool girls and boys an opportunity to:

  • Become aware that God loves everyone and He wants us to know that
  • Begin to focus on others
  • Identify and begin to live what the Bible says as they pray, give and help others

Mission Friends’ families are also drawn into knowing how they can give of their time, talents, and money to be part of God’s work in our world.


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