Join thousands of children on February 15, 2014 to serve your community through acts of compassion. This is a great day for GA, Children in Action and RA to invite all the children in their church to make a difference for Jesus in their community for Christ.

A great day for children (GA, Children in Action, RA) along with their friends and those from your church who are not involved in mission education organizations to do something that will make eternal differences in your community. On this day, the seventh annual Children’s Ministry Day, children across the country will be on-mission, doing projects that will enable them to reach out to all generations with the love of Jesus.

Those projects could be:

cleaning yards for senior adults in the community, particularly those who are not involved in a local church

visit the hospital, taking cards (for adults) and new or very slightly used stuffed animals (for teens and children)

make cookies for your fire state and police station

prepare care packages for students at a local college. Ask BCM director for help with this project.

There are so many more project ideas….

Take pictures of your children on mission and share them with LA WMU (at and with national WMU. Be sure to identify your group, church with city, and describe the project.