Through a Christian context, CWJC (Christian Women’s Job Corps) and CMJC (Christian Men’s Job Corps) is a means to equip women and men with life skills and job readiness.

First and foremost the goal is to help women and men develop and grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

CWJC/CMJC is a ministry of WMU that is committed to meet the needs of the participants and their community. Bible study and one-on-one mentoring is the key factor and is what holds this ministry different from other job-readiness programs. Life skills and job readiness also help participants to move toward self-sufficiency. Those completing the course are encouraged to give back to the CWJC/CMJC program. Each site is customized to the needs in their area; some are classroom settings; others are one-on-one or other small groups.

Sites are developed by local churches and associations and are funded by the site. Site coordinators are certified through a national training program and Louisiana WMU will work with site coordinators to provide training. Four sites are currently operating in Louisiana:

  • Baptist Friendship House in New Orleans
  • Beauregard CWJC in DeRidder
  • CWJC of Monroe in Monroe
  • Eastern Louisiana CWJC in Walker

This is a needed ministry throughout our state and LA Women’s Missions & Ministry is ready to help.