Each WMU missions organization is centered around God’s Word; myMission, for young adult women is no different. MyMission is for college students, young career women and young moms. It is designed to give young women an opportunity to explore their faith and live it out in missions actions.

Through myMission, young women …

  • Engage in bible study that leads to building community and involvement in missions
  • Explore their faith and learn to live it where they are
  • Encourage young women to learn about the world and to develop a missional lifestyle that engages the people around them

MyMission is …

  • Flexible with groups created around common interests, lifestyles and needs. Groups can form on college campuses, in church, or even among different churches
  • Resources are available online and in print. Bible studies developed specifically for myMission can be found at wmustore.com; some groups use Mission Mosaic and myMISSION LEADER
  • EIdeas for projects and events are shared through blogs at wmu.com/adults along with encouragement for on-mission living


  • myMission Guide for Leaders
  • myMission Leader