Church Planting in Madrid


 Desired outcomes for this year are: 

  • To bring a renewed focus to the spiritual condition of Madrid 
  • To initiate five new church plants by September 2020 
  • To build strong working partnerships with national pastors, churches, conventions, and seminaries 
  • To raise up a new generation of church planters for Madrid and beyond 
  • To provide opportunities for life-changing partnership to the US church

Immediate Projects

Projects that we could use immediately are Vacation Bible School, anything English (camps, lessons, visiting university campus, etc), Gospel choirs and quartets (anything with a cultural appeal), sports, financial sponsors for seminary interns that we could mentor while using in our church plants (200 euros/month), handcraft workshops (scrapbooking, quilting, etc). All of these activities are designed to intentionally meet people, make contacts, and share the Gospel.

We are also looking for two Spanish speaking professors for the seminary that might be able to commit for a full year or more. We can request someone to be part of our team, in which case, they would give a percentage of their time to the seminary and a percentage to church planting.

We are looking for seminary trained Spanish speaking pastors to start new works in the city. This is something we need to discuss first.