Well Dig Dare

This is the reality: 844 million people don’t have access to clean drinking water. But YOU can do something about it!

In fact, we dare you to do something about it!

Well Dig Dare is a campaign to raise money for clean water powered by Baptist Global Response (BGR) donors and their friends! We are daring to build 40 wells in 40 days. It’s a huge goal, but one we can reach together.

You can take the Well Dig Dare in two ways:

  1. Donate through the new Well Dig Dare website. The live tracker shows the collective impact of donors like you in real time!
  2. Share the Dare by creating a fundraising page. Set a goal and invite your friends to participate with you or challenge them to create their own page! Simply click “Start Fundraising” on the Well Dig Dare website to set up your fundraising page today.

Every $1,000 raised will provide a well for hundreds of people needing clean water and training to show locals how to maintain it.

Clean water makes stronger, healthier communities. We can’t wait to see how God moves through your donations to the Well Dig Dare.