Steve Horn

Steve Horn was born in Columbia, Louisiana, and grew up in Lafayette. He has a B.A. in History from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, as well as a M. Div. in Biblical Studies and a Ph.D. in Greek/New Testament from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Read Bio.

Annual Report

The Louisiana Baptists Annual Report is available online each year for viewing and downloading as a PDF. To view the report online or download a digital copy, click here.

Annual Meeting

The 2019 Annual Meeting was held on November 11-12 at Randolph Riverfront Center, Alexandria, LA. Click here to view videos from the meeting.


Guidelines for the Making of Motions at the Louisiana Baptist Convention

It is important to remember that motions may only deal with one topic at a time. When making a motion, you should be as brief as possible and always begin with the phrase “I move that…” If you are making a subsidiary motion (one that deals with a motion already on the floor), it must be relevant to the motion currently under consideration and not be a motion that is the same or substantially similar to one already dealt with by this convention. If your motion is a privileged motion, it must not be dilatory (unnecessary or made only to delay the conduct of business). If your motion seeks to amend the Louisiana Baptist Convention Articles of Incorporation or Louisiana Baptist Convention Bylaws, please review these documents in advance for special rules regarding the process of amendment prior to offering your motion. A copy of the LBC Articles of Incorporation and LBC Bylaws are found in your Book of Reports.

Important Steps in wording your motion:

• A motion should direct that the Convention take some sort of action or refrain from taking some action. Include only the action you want to see taken in your motion.
• Do not include supporting reasons for adopting your motion in the motion itself. This is done during debate and as the maker of the motion, you will have first opportunity to speak to your motion.
• Do not make a motion that the Convention not adopt some other main motion or attempt to amend a main motion in such a way that it becomes the opposite of its original intent. If you are against a certain motion, simply vote no.
• If you wish to amend a motion, you may move to strike out words from that motion and replace them with other words or you may move to simply add or take away words from the motion. It is not proper to make a “substitute motion” which seeks to completely change the words of a motion so that it is no longer what was originally offered.
• If you offer a motion during the report of a convention entity or the Executive Board, do not address the person making the report; only address the chair and state your motion directly to him.

The following may be used when making motions on the floor of the Louisiana Baptist Convention. Please provide a copy to the President or Secretary before making your motion.

Proposed Motion to the Louisiana Baptist Convention

Name of Messenger: ________________________________
Name of Church: __________________________________

The wording of any motion should easily fit on the lines below. When making your motion, please state your name and the church from which you are a messenger. Then address the chair as follows:

Mr. President:

I move that:_________________________________________________________________________________

Download Guidelines for the Making of Motions.