Tour Dates: June 3-12

Cancelled Due to COVID-19

2020 Homecoming Concert

LBASYC Homecoming Concert 2020

Friday, June 12, 2020, 6:30 pm

Guinn Auditorium

Louisiana College

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The Louisiana Baptist All State Youth Choir is about to celebrate its 36th anniversary. Over the last three and a half decades literally hundreds of high school students have taken part in this musical mission venture and shared the love of Christ with thousands of people. Alumni from these choirs now live all over the world and continue to share Gods love and many maintain contact with friends they made in All State.

ALL Louisiana high school students who are a part of the ministry of their Southern Baptist Church or are attending Southern Baptist Academies are invited to audition at the beginning of February at one of the locations listed on the registration form. The cost to audition is very nominal and the audition process is very simple as outlined on the registration form. Those selected (and we hope there will be well over 100 students this year) can expect the following:

  • A two day retreat at Louisiana College to learn the music
  • The opportunity to work with a marvelous director – Dr. Cameron Weatherford from Louisiana College
  • Great music
  • Opportunities to worship the Lord and build relationships with students from all over the state
  • Great travel and accommodation provision

The purpose of the Louisiana Baptist All State Youth Choir is to share the love of Christ and we believe we are called to do this when together on tour and in our schools and communities.

Students, I encourage you to pursue this if you want to make a personal investment in God’s Kingdom work.

Parents and Church leaders, I encourage you to support in prayer and financial provision your students who feel called to be a part.

I can hardly wait to meet all of those God is calling to serve together in Chicago this coming summer.

Blessings, Herb Armentrout


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Read the testimonies from some of our participants

From Kristi

What I really wanted to comment on was the mission projects we did and the influence of a mission attitude all throughout the trip. That is what I truly enjoyed, seeing the choir and sponsors coming together in prayer and serving people in ways I never would have considered, like free prayer. That was the team I was on. I sincerely hope that y’all will carry the missions throughout future LABASYCs. I truly think that God work in my heart this summer. Preparing me in Madrid for what I would do in Chicago and that in turn carrying over into my life at home and church. God also showed me that there were other teens my age longing to spread the message of Christ and following that call. Again, just thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of this great work!

God Bless!

Kristi Roshto

This year at LBASYC was an experience I will never forget

This year at LBASYC was an experience I will never forget. I saw God work in multiple ways. This one occasion, my friend and I saw this woman reading the Bible in the middle of Daily Plaza. We invited her to stay for the concert. After the concert, we talked with her again. She encouraged us to grow in our faith and keep on witnessing. Then, we prayed for each other. It amazing to think that I will see this lady again in Glory land.  This woman set an example for me. If she can read the Bible in the public, so can I. I still wonder why we crossed path, however I has overjoyed that we did.

Ally Brown

I saw God working in the detention facilities..

I saw God working in the detention facilities. We visited one facility that had both boys and girls. At first they didn’t like the music, but towards the end they were happy that we came. They were dancing and cheering. During “question time”, one of the boys said that us coming got a lot of the things off his mind that he was thinking about. Without us coming, they probably wouldn’t have gotten another experience to know God or hear about Him.

Dakota Mills

I had an amazing time in Chicago this year...

I had an amazing time in Chicago this year.  God spoke to me specifically in the area of healing.  He is the “Great Physician”, as I have always known, but when we finished singing in downtown Chicago, with the echoes of God’s word bouncing off the sky rise buildings, I received a text from my mom to confirm.  You see, my prayer partners had been praying with me for my “Boo Boo”, who has stage 4 colon cancer this entire trip.  The text that I got stated that her pet scan revealed NO CANCER.  God is the great physician, we just have to have faith and patience and allow Him to work in His time.

Kassie Cole,

Martin Baptist Church

This past summer was my third year to participate

This past summer was my third year to participate in the Louisiana All-State Baptist Youth Choir, and my second in Everlasting Praise. I saw God through the leadership of not only the veterans, but the newcomers as well. Their willingness to serve and interact with those around them really opened my eyes to the power and glory of God when his children assemble in his name. This past year, due to such amazing people, I have made the best memories and hope to see everyone back next year (with friends)!

Shelby Raley

This year LBASYC taught me...

This year LBASYC taught me that god shows he’s there even in the small ways. When we were in Chicago we helped at a men’s shelter. Seeing the men smile as we helped and sang just showed me how much god works in these people’s lives. Some of these men came in feeling like there was no hope for them or no future but after the short time we got to share with them, some left with smiles and a hope for a better a future. It was truly amazing seeing god move in their lives and ours.

Lynee West


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