Planning for your future ministry in your community sometimes means you have to renovate, rent, purchase or build more space. Let us help you find answers to common questions and develop a strategy to move forward.


Leading Your Church To Build – Slides presented by Steven D. Newton, A.I.A. at the March, 2013 Church Building Conference – Deals with master plans and leading a successful building project.

Louisiana Baptist Building Conference – Includes information on the building process, rules of thumb for necessary space, and choosing team members

Master Multipurpose – Slides delivered by John Garner at March, 2013 Church Building Conference. Deals with the effect of multipurpose spaces for churches.

Multipurpose Space Presentation – Things to consider when planning a Multipurpose and Recreation space including ministry purpose, planning and materials.

Planning for Long Term Growth – Information and formulas to help estimate long term facility needs.

Raising Money for Buildings – What to look for in a Fund Raising Company.

The 10 Most Costly Errors in Church Building – List of the top 10 most common costly errors made by churches when building.

User Friendly Church Facilities – Slides delivered by Steven D. Newton, A.I.A. at the March 2013 Church Building conference. Includes multiple examples of user friendly church facilities.