People without a relationship with Jesus Christ are living in the shadow of our steeples. Of the 4.5 million people in Louisiana, nearly 1.8 million do not claim any religious affiliation. That means every third person you see in the store, gas station or in your neighborhood isn’t on anyone’s church roll — much less have a relationship with Jesus Christ. We shouldn’t be surprised. Jesus told us the harvest is huge.

“The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.” Luke 10:2

Harvest Preview!

[waveplayer ids=”15574″] Listen in on this conversation with Dr. Keith Manuel and learn about the upcoming harvest evangelism strategy and also how your story can be available to the entire world through!

How to Connect:

PERSONAL EVANGELISM presents the opportunity for churches to train their people to think about sharing the gospel in the grocery store or their driveway. Wherever a believer goes or whatever a believer loves to do provides an avenue to personally share the message of Christ.

MASS EVANGELISM is the church working in cooperation as a family to reach their community or with other churches to influence a larger population. Block Parties, Crusades, Revivals or Special Evangelistic Events provide opportunities to see the Lord change hearts for eternity.

LACOSBE is the Louisiana Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists. If you want to connect with an evangelist for your revival or other special event, follow this link to their website:

Your evangelism team is ready to serve by pointing you to resources, providing training or partnering with you on special events. We can even help you discover the specific demographics of the people who live near you.

My Hope

Last year hundreds of churches in Louisiana participated in some form of My Hope. Methods varied, however the most effective nationwide were large gatherings as opposed to small groups. This fall, Dr. Graham will be introducing a new video where he talks about heaven. This is a great opportunity for your church to pray for and invite lost people to a worship service, youth meeting, singles meeting or other type of gathering.

One on One Evangelism

One on One is a six-session personal evangelism study designed to help introverts and extroverts share the Gospel. Check out the details, learn about the authors and find out about each session here.