GOLA Vacation Bible School Teams is a ministry to help zero-baptism and low-baptism Louisiana Baptist churches have a successful VBS this summer.

The teams of six college students each are chosen from Louisiana Baptist churches and Baptist Collegiate Ministries from across the state and are assigned to churches for a one-week VBS.

There is no cost to the church for a team as their expenses are handled through the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering and Cooperative Program. A GOLA hosting church is responsible for their own VBS expenses, such as literature for expected number of children, craft items, decorations, refreshments, and so forth.

Churches interested in participating in this ministry need to complete the application and return it to Jeff Ingram, adult ministry strategist, at the addresses given below. Applications are available from January – April of each year.

P.O. Box 311
Alexandria, LA 71309



Please note that priority will be given to first-time requests from churches, as well as in the order of receiving the completed applications. Completing an application does not necessarily guarantee a team will be available. There are usually more requests than the teams can schedule in the summer. However, every effort will be made to help churches with their VBS.

For questions, contact Jeff Ingram at 318.448.3402 or email Jeff.Ingram@LouisianaBaptists.org.

What the GOLA VBS Team needs from your church:

  • Pray and prayer walk your community.
  • Publicize your VBS to your community (door-to-door flyers, telephone, signs in community and yards, inviting neighbors, etc).
  • Provide workers from your church to help the team and to build relationships with the children and parents.
  • Provide VBS curriculum for anticipated number of children and/or youth (LifeWay’s Submerged: Finding Truth Below the Surface).
  • Provide a meal – lunch or supper – for the team.
  • Follow-up with all children and families after VBS – THIS IS CRITICAL!
  • Help make it a great week for the team through cooperation and patience.

We (the Louisiana Baptist Convention) will provide the following:

  • GOLA VBS Team of 6 college students to help  lead your church’s VBS.
  • Train the team prior to their first week. (The students will be prepared to lead worship rally, recreation, crafts, Bible studies, missions; however you need them to help your church have a successful VBS.)
  • Provide for their transportation, hotel, and meals, except for the one meal at your church.
  • Provide honorariums for students.
  • Background checks for the team.
  • In most cases the team will be at your church from Sunday morning through Friday. (Saturday will be a travel day to their next location.)
  • The team leader will contact you at least two weeks out for final details.